New Owner Information

Welcome to the Mosaic of Elgin Hill! Moving into a new home is always an exciting time and we hope you have settled into your new space comfortably. The Mosaic of Elgin Hill has policies and Bylaws which Owners/Residents are to follow in order to promote an enjoyable community living environment. The website has a lot of information from Bylaws and policies (Resources) to forms which may be required (Documents) by the management company or the Board. Under Announcements, the Board will communicate items as they arise so the Owners/Residents are updated. If there are upcoming general/special assessment meetings or large scale projects, the information will be posted within the Calendar so Owners/Residents will know when the event will occur.

As a new Owner, it can be overwhelming (especially if you're also new to community living). The property management company will send you a Welcome Package with more information about the complex. To assist you in settling into your new home, the Board has also placed the Welcome Package on our website for your convenience. The forms are required to be completed and submitted back to management company or the Board (depending on the form) within a specified timeframe so we encourage you to complete them as soon as possible to avoid possible processing delays and fines.

The attached package are the forms which are required to be filled out. You will need to print these out and manually fill them in. If you prefer to enter the information electronically, the Welcome Package has been made fillable and can be found under the Owner Information section of Documents.

To assist you in filling out the forms, below are the clarification of what each form means and what is required:

    1. Owner Information Form - all Owners are required to complete this form. This provides the property management company information such as your emergency contact, etc.

    2. Pre-Authorized (PAD) Agreement Form - all Owners are required to complete this form. This provides the property management company information for the collection of condo fees, fines, etc.

    3. Resident Registration Form - if you will not be residing within the complex (you're planning to rent out your unit), you will be required to complete this form. All Residents within the complex needs to be registered with the Board for security purposes. This form needs to be completed and submitted each time you have new Tenants/Residents. If you will be residing in the unit, you do not need to complete this form as the Owner Information Form has all the required information the Board needs.

    4. Pet Approval Application - There is a one pet per unit Bylaw. If you have a pet or planning to have a pet, this form is required to be completed and submitted. A recent photo of the pet must be submitted along with the application. Please keep in mind that you will have to remove the pet from the complex if the pet has not been approved by the Board. If more than one pet is found on the premises, the additional animal will be evicted and fines will be levied on the Owner.

    5. Intent to Rent/Tenant Undertaking - If you are planning to rent out your unit, this form is required to be completed prior to the Tenants moving in. The Resident Registration Form is also required. If there will be a pet within the unit, the Pet Approval Application is also required.

The Mosaic of Elgin Hill is an Owners complex and not a rental property. The property management firm is setup to oversee the operations of the complex and to assist Owners, not Tenants. As an Owner, you will be responsible for your visitors/guests and Tenants at all times. Please be advised that any violation fines against the unit will be charged back to the Owner. A list of violation fines can be reviewed in the Resources section of our website.

Mosaic of Elgin Hill - Welcome Package Forms.pdf

welcome package forms

A full package complete with all the forms required to get yourself registered with the Condo Board and the Property Management firm. Needs to be completed within thirty (30) days of moving into the complex.