September MEH Projects!

Post date: Sep 04, 2020 1:26:43 AM

Concrete Work - Burton Construction – Starting September 8, 2020 (Weather permitting)

Units - 41, 57, 76, 84, 101, 217, 253, 270, 285, 301, 305, 308, 313, 328, 333, 360, 369, 421

· Repair stairs on units 84, 101, 253, 270, 285, 301, 305, 308, 313, 328, 421 & walkway step out in front of unit 41

· Resurface Step units 57, 76, 217, 301, 333, 360

· Remove trip hazard and pour new entrance pad in front of fencing units 252, 254, 256, 258, 260

During our walk around we looked at every step coming out of the units as well as potential hazards that needed to be repaired. Please be aware that there will be crews on site and in close proximity to homes and windows.

Please be advised that all planters, patio furniture or any other items must be removed off of the steps and away from the work area to allow the workers to complete their task as soon and as safely as possible. The Board, nor the Vendor, will not be responsible for any damages as a result of the stairs/patio area not being cleared prior to the work starting.

Garbage Room Locks - Guardian – September 9, 2020

You will notice that there will be garbage room push button locks on the doors. This is to prevent outsiders from putting garbage and recycling from outside sources into the receptacles that Mosaic of Elgin Hill pays for. The overhead doors will be locked and only access through the man door will be accessible.

Contact the PM to get the access code: Email: &

Greg will need the following to verify you live in the complex before he will give out the code:

- Subject Line: MEH Garbage Garage Code Request

- Your Unit # - advise if Elgin Gardens, or Elgin Way

- Your Name

o If you are renting, please provide your landlord’s name as well

Visitor Line Painting - YGC – September 9, 2020

Please remove all of the visitor parking vehicles for this day to ensure that all of the lines will be painted.

Neither the Board or YGC will not be held liable if there are any damages during the painting process.

Tree Removals – TreeAid– September 15, 2020 (Weather Permitting)

TreeAid will be on site to remove trees that were approved by the previous Board, as they will be a hazard or potential to damage the buildings. These trees will be tagged for removal.

They will also be doing some landscaping that has also been approved around the complex that was part of the 3-year plan.

Common Area Lights – Eco Lighting

As you may have seen, the lights around the complex will be repaired and completed as soon as possible. Eco Lighting is working to bring everything up to code as well as a safer and nicer looking community

Visitor Parking Warning

There have many vehicles parked in the visitor parking spots not displaying Parking Permits. The CPA will be issuing parking tickets and vehicles will be towed at the owners’ expense if this continues.

As per our Parking Policy, the Visitor Parking spots requires a valid Parking Permit to be displayed. The permit is only valid 5 times, per month.

Any owner or tenants’ using the Parking Permit for their own personal vehicle(s), will result in the Parking Permit being revoked for 6 months.

REMINDER TO ALL – If you are renting your Unit, ensure that with each new renter, the Intent To Rent form is sent to the Board to update their records!

See all of MEH Policies and Bylaws online at:

Any questions or concerns on the above notice, please contact the Board and Greg Birrell. and