Concrete planter work in roadways and downspouts/splash guards

Post date: Jun 10, 2019 9:28:22 PM

Starting Monday, June 10, 2019, Concrete Planter removal and Replacement in Roadways as well as downspout and splashpads repairs/installation. For safety purposes, Residents are requested to access their units using their front entrance only for the duration of their repairs. This will take approximately 3 weeks, weather dependent.

Roadways will have restricted access during this work but will not stop access to garages. Please be patient and work with us. Please be aware of the workers on site during these times.

Please make sure all children/residents stay out of the areas during the time the work is taking place as this will protect everyone involved as well as help prevent the possibility of vandalism of the new concrete when installed. Any cost of repairing the concrete after it has been poured, will be charged back to the offending unit(s) who caused the damage.

Please note that Montgomery Ross, the Corporation nor the Contractor will be responsible for any damage done to items left in the work areas.