Roadway Construction - A message from Brookfield

Post date: Jun 21, 2018 8:19:8 PM

Please see below the message from Brookfield in regards to the Roadway Construction. Thank you.

Brookfield will be commencing the road works project next week. We need everyone’s cooperation in ensure that we can complete this project in a timely manner without causing any rework. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be prohibited during the construction period aside from emergency vehicles and personnel. We will be adding construction fencing for pedestrian walkways and roadblocks to ensure that our new drainage grades are not compromised by vehicles.

During construction, you will feel heavy vibrations within your home. This is a normal condition as we compact the road way to support heavy vehicles (i.e. Fire Trucks). Please ensure that all loose items on walls and shelves are removed as Brookfield will not be responsible for interior items during construction. You will not have access to your garages through the overhead doors during this time so please remove any items that you may need to access. For increased security, you may also want to lock your overhead door or disconnect the power to the lifter to disable the door fully.

Here’s what to expect during the construction process:

    • Heavy equipment on site and driving through the complex

    • Increased density of vehicles and workers

    • Loud noises

    • Dusty conditions

    • Cut Noises

    • Heavy Vibrations

Access to the garbage garage in the SW corner of the complex will also be restricted. We will be setting up a recycling center next to Unit# 249. The Garbage bins from the impacted garage will now be located in the garage next to Unit# 60. We understand that parking may be a concern but please be courteous to your neighbors and the site crews.

With your cooperation through the construction process by not entering the work area, it enables us to complete the project as efficiently as possible without having to re-work any damages caused. Thank you again for your patience and we apologize for any inconveniences.