Duct work in attic - your attention is required

Post date: Feb 12, 2016 10:21:50 PM

During the roof replacement project, it was brought to the Board’s attention the ductwork between the roof and the bathroom ceiling fans were poorly installed during the original build. As the ductwork only benefits that one individual unit, it is a Homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that it is in proper working order and is properly sealed. Some units’ ductwork has a bend in it allowing moisture to sit on the bend for some time. This bend was exposed to cold temperatures which could freeze any moisture inside the bend. Once frozen, it restricted airflow passing through the duct and the moisture would flow back down the duct into the bathroom or surrounding area.

The fan enclosure itself was not airtight sealed around the unit. Moisture is always present in attics during the cold winters, air tight sealing around light fixtures and fans, etc. is crucial to help prevent moisture from entering the living space below. All bathroom fans have a damper (flap) on them to help prevent cold air from blowing back into the home. This damper can be stuck in a closed position. The dampers are only a weak piece of plastic and stick very often during just general use. The duct work was not attached to the fan properly.


Konnect Service will inspect units for bathroom vents in the attic pertaining to the ductwork (includes visual/physical inspection). The cost of the inspection is $75 per unit (this is if no issues are found). If repair is required, it will be at a cost of $250 per unit which includes the cost of inspection, materials, labour, etc. to get it fixed properly. Homeowners have until April 1, 2016 to have it inspected for the above pricing. After April 1, 2016, the price will increase to $300.


After March 1, 2016, the cost will be $300. Is this the inspection cost or is this the cost if repairs are required to be completed and the inspection cost remains at $75?

a. $300 is the standard Konnect service charge which includes minor repairs; therefore, the $300 includes inspection and minor repairs – until April 1, 2016. The $75 inspection service was created to provide Homeowners a limited time discount to get the inspection done. The $75 inspection cost expires after April 1, 2016.

2. Will certificates be issued for work completed on units that require it?

a. The Homeowner will receive a paper copy of the work completed. The paper document is on the workmanship warranty piece.

3. If the units are inspected and do not require any fixes, does that mean the warranty only goes to the roofline and not to the ceiling line?

a. The below the roof extended warranty is only for homes that have been inspected and have work done OR have been inspected and do not require any work done. If the unit is inspected and there are fixes that are needed but the Homeowner chooses not to get it repaired, it will not be warrantied to the ceiling. For all homes that do not receive Konnect, their warranty stops at the roofline.

4. How will the billing be charged?

a. Konnect Services will charge the individual Homeowners directly

More information on Konnect Service: http://www.gnhroofing.ca/services/gnh-konnect.aspx

To book your appointment for the inspection, please contact Tricia Arsenault at 403-796-7663 or via email at tricia@gnhroofing.ca and provide the following information:

· Property name: Mosaic of Elgin Hill

· Inquiry: Ductwork inspection in attic at the special pricing of $75 prior to April 1, 2016

· Unit: Provide your unit number

· Address: Elgin Way/Elgin Gardens

· Contact information: How they will get in contact with you to book your appointment

If you have any further questions, please contact the Board at info@mosaicofelginhill.com. Thank you.