Security Alert - Mosaic of Elgin Hill Complex

Post date: Mar 06, 2015 10:42:18 PM

The Board of Directors would like to inform the Residents of Mosaic of Elgin Hill (MEH) Complex that there were a couple of security issues which arose in February of 2015. Security has notified the Board and we would like to alert you of them:

    1. People who do not reside within the complex have been found drunk, wandering around or passed out on the common areas (lawn, etc.). In particular, a drunken man around the ages of 45 - 50 have been found hidden in between the unit blocks. Security removes these people from our complex as they are found.

    2. A male dressed in black has been noted to be riding a bicycle in the middle of the night circling the complex and looking for open garage doors. This occurred several times in the month of February 2015. Security tried to speak with this male individual but he rides off the complex when Security approaches him.

We ask the Residents of the complex to be vigilant and watch for people looking/acting suspicious, etc. These types of incidents have risen over the past year and we need to watch out for each other. Security does random checks for us on-site and reports these activities to the Board. A preventative measure is to ensure that doors and windows are locked and your garage door is closed. These types of incidents poses a safety issue but also insurance liability issue to the complex which affects everyone.

When you notice people looking/acting suspicious, please contact the police at the non-emergency line at 403-266-1234 unless they are actively breaking & entering, damaging property, etc. then please call 911. Once this has been completed, please notify the Board via email at so that we can have a record of the incident.

The Board has worked with the Calgary Police Service in the past and continue to do so in order to provide a safe living environment for the Residents of MEH. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this matter, please contact the Board. Thank you.


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