Roofing Project to begin Monday September 8, 2014

Post date: Sep 04, 2014 3:46:36 AM

The Board of Directors will begin the roofing project effective September 8, 2014 and it is estimated that the work will last approximately 10 weeks (weather permitting). The units in each phase will be provided a 72 hour notice of work as their phase comes up so that the Residents can prepare their units:

In preparation of the impending work, the Residents are requested to take the required precautions below to help us ensure the safety of yourself, your unit and the contractors on-site:

    • Remove any valuables etc. that maybe mounted to the interior wall surfaces of your unit;

    • Ensure deck furniture, BBQ or other items are moved away (or removed) from building perimeter to prevent damage of such equipment from possible debris;

    • Keep your children and/or pet from being outside or around the unit while work is in progress – this is to ensure the safety of everyone on-site;

    • Be mindful when entering/exiting your garage to ensure that there is not equipment or workers behind your unit;

    • Do not move/remove any of the equipment placed onsite – only authorized personnel is able to do this; and,

    • The Board of Directors, contractors, personnel, etc. will not tolerate any abuse or altercations between Residents and the authorized vendor.


Any items damaged during the roofing project as a result of Residents not moving/removing them from the interior walls of the unit or the building perimeter will be the responsibility of the unit Resident/Owner.

Waste bins being placed onsite for the duration of the roofing project is for the exclusive use of waste pertaining to roofing work as the old shingles can be recycled when they are not contaminated. DO NOT use the waste bins for personal or household garbage disposal. Anyone found doing this will be subject to fines, etc.

Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to this project, please contact one of our representatives below. Contact can be made via text message, email or a phone call.

There may be times where roadway may be blocked off to ensure the safety of the contractors as well as all Residents within the complex. Please obey the signs, markers, etc. and slow down (the posted speed limit in the complex is 15 km/hr)!