Revised - Pet Violation Fines

Post date: Jan 10, 2014 6:13:16 PM

There have been too many issues with pets in the complex and the Board at this time believes that following the Bylaws & policies until such time that the pet issues are under control is the best course of action. In order to implement the policies & Bylaws, the Board has reviewed the pet violation fines and would like to advise all Residents/Owners that they have passed an additional violation fine for pets effective January 9, 2014.

  • Pet eviction date has passed and pet is seen on-site: $1000 per pet per month plus any applicable fines (ie. Unregistered pet - $250, etc.)

Once an eviction notice has been sent out, the pet Owner has seven (7) days to remove the pet from the premises as per the Bylaws. The pet issue is an overwhelming task to tackle but as a community, we must look into this as it affects our budgets (hiring someone to clean up feces, damages to landscaping, etc.) which in turn affect our condo fees as Owners. We appreciate everyone's cooperation, patience, and understanding as the Board works to bring the complex into compliance.