Concrete Project

Post date: Apr 27, 2014 9:59:11 PM

The Board will be conducting a concrete project review over the next couple of months within the complex and the project will be completed in phases. After a preliminary review, the first phase will be focused between the following units as the area has been identified to have the worse concrete issues. If you live within one of these units, please contact the Board via email ( and advise of any issues you may have experienced with the concrete behind the unit such as water accumulation, flooding as a result of snow/rain, etc.

· Unit 129 – 149

· Unit 136 – 164

· Unit 157 – 177

· Unit 185 – 209

· Unit 241 – 217

The list will be compiled and provided to the vendor so they can better identify the source, etc. while scoping out the project. Please send the issues to the Board by end of business day on Friday, May 16, 2014. Thank you.