Snowfall & blizzard conditions

Post date: Dec 03, 2013 9:29:7 PM

Over the last 24 hours, we have received blizzard conditions (wind conditions over 70km/hour) and snowfall accumulations of over 20 cm. With the continuing wind, freezing temperatures and drifting snow, it has been difficult for our vendor to keep up with clearing the sidewalks and walkways.

Our site had received plows, sand, and hand removal yesterday but with harsh conditions carrying over into the evening, it has been extremely difficult for our vendor to get their equipment onto the site. With very limited room to put all the extra snow, there has been a pile up of snow all over the complex. The Board is currently requesting the vendor to place the excess snow in the visitor parking spaces between unit 164 and unit 260. Montgomery Ross will arrange for the excess snow pickup from this area. This is the least impact area for traffic and the least disturbance for residents to access their garages.

The vendor is currently working very diligently to make it to our site to clear the snow; however, they do have other sites and clients that they also need to assist. We request residents to be patient while we wait for all of this to clear up. Residents are encouraged to shovel their garage apron to get rid of the snow accumulation by their garage door. This will help with the garage door opening smoothly and when we get into our thaw cycle, it will not freeze again.